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  • Command & Staff Promotion and Assumption of Command Ceremony
    You are invited to join the Bobcat Battalion in promoting the 2017-2018 Command and Staff.  There will be an assumption of command ceremony for the Cadet Battalion Commander and the Company Commanders immediately following the promotion.

    Date: 1 Sep 2017

    Time: 6:00-7:30PM

    Location: EHS Lecture Hall

    Dress: Sunday's Best (semi-formal)

  • JROTC Movie Night
    1st Friday of every month during the school year.


    JROTC Classroom

    Bring a friend

Welcome to EHS JROTC Bobcat Battalion!



Senior Army Instructor:  MAJ (Ret.) Noyola

c[email protected]

Army Instructor:  1SG (Ret.) Suarez
[email protected]    

Phone number: 956-289-2400





            U.S.Army JROTC           

Our Mission

To motivate high school students and teach our JROTC cadets the value of citizenship, leadership, service to community,

personal responsibility and a sense of accomplishment while instilling

self-esteem, teamwork and self-discipline.



Our Vision 

Develop socially responsible and productive lifelong learners who will positively contribute to the community and society.



Our Goals

  • Teach the worth of giving time to the community.
  • Gain leadership potential and the ability to live and work cooperatively with others; demonstrate leadership in situations involving conflict resolution.
  • Allow cadets to come out of their shells and be able to speak in front of others, and lose the shyness.
  • Learn the importance of diet and physical fitness in maintaining good health and appearance.
  • Develop leadership potential. The JROTC program provides students with a wide range of opportunities to test themselves in leadership roles such as leading a drill team and performing a staff job.
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