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Welcome to the PLATO Credit Recovery Lab.  Your counselor has chosen this special placement for you because he/she believes you can and will succeed… if you choose to do so.  Your time and effort here will most likely determine whether or not you graduate with a high school diploma.  The choice is yours.  The opportunity to work in PLATO is not a right; it is a privilege.  A more eager student will be given your slot if you have poor attendance and/or choose not to be “on task.” 

 The rules here are simple:

  1. Be on time.  Attendance will be taken and absences submitted to the attendance office;

  2. Do not bring any food or drinks. Food and drinks are not permitted in the lab.

  3. Bring a spiral notebook and pen/pencil.  You WILL be expected to take notes, which you may use on the tests.

  4. Be on task.  Avoid lengthy personal conversations. Ask the teacher for help when needed.  Your teacher will be happy to help you and/or find the resources you need to complete your coursework successfully.  You will be allowed to remain in the program only if you remain on task. There is a deadline for completion of your course.

  5. No electrical devices. Such as cell phones, Ipod’s, and cameras.

  6. NO searching the Internet unless it is related to class, if you use the internet to access anything other than PLATO, you will not be allowed to use it at all, use of the internet is a privilege not a right. 

  7. Follow the student code of conduct at all times.

  8. As in any other class, you must ask permission to leave the lab for any reason. 

Your course work will be a combination of online and offline activities. You are required to complete all modules to earn credit in your course. When you finish your work:

  1. Verify completion with your teacher.

  2. Receive documentation that all work is complete and eligible for credit.  Do not assume that credit has been earned until it has been verified and documented.

  3. Credit earned will be a grade of 70.

  4. See your counselor to get credit recorded on school records.

You will work in Plato at your own pace.  You are not in competition with anyone, and you will be left alone most of the time – unless, of course, you have questions, need help, or are disruptive or off-task.  So… relax and GO FOR IT!  You will be proud of your accomplishments and you will have something to show for all your effort at the end.

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Nondiscrimination Statement:
It is the policy of Edinburg CISD not to discriminate on the basis of sex, age, handicap, religion, race, color, or national origin in its educational programs.
Es poliza del Distrito Escolar de Edinburg el no discriminar por razones con base en sexo, edad, religion, raza, color origen nacional, ni discapacidad dentro de sus programas educacionales.

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